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DISCLAIMER: I am, in no way, against any form of MATERNITY WEAR. This post is merely to show that pregnant women can still wear non-maternity clothes if they want to.

Hey Babes! I am almost... ALMOST... near the end of my pregnancy (36 weeks as of writing) and my OB-Gyne told me during my last visit that I'm gonna pop in two to three weeks time. So here I am, taking it easy in front of my laptop and I figured... HMMM.... why not write about my #OOTD pregnancy journey for the past couple of weeks?

Here it goes...

A few years ago, I was watching an episode of KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS and during that particular episode, KHLOE, when asked if she was going to wear maternity clothes when she becomes pregnant, said something that really stuck on my mind - "I'm not going to wear maternity clothes... just bigger sized clothing" (non-verbatim). When I became pregnant, I surprisingly remembered what Khloe Kardashian said and I thought that yeah, why not give it a try? I think that's pretty DOABLE!

Truth be told... I did actually browse through the maternity section of various malls in Davao City just to see if there was something that I wanted to wear. But to be honest, not even one piece of clothing impressed me... probably because of two reasons: 1.) They were ALL BIGGER and didn't fit my petite to average body type, and 2.) I didn't find anything fashionable (sorry!) - again, please refer to the disclaimer above

So I decided to go with what Khloe Kardashian said and yeah, I just found all these pieces of clothing from my closet (and bought a few during the whole thing) and pretty much survived my whole pregnancy wearing non-maternity clothing.

Here are some photos of my various #PregnantOOTDs and their corresponding week of pregnancy and short descriptions:


100 peso dress from DIVISORIA | Thank God for loose dresses. I bought this dress a few years back during my first visit to Divisoria in 2014 and it was the first time that I wore this. Thanks to its looseness, it fit my 17 week baby bump perfectly!


Blue Loose Top + Garterized Brown Shorts | So thankful for garterized wear such as this pair of brown shorts. My 18 week belly is not at all obvious in this clothing combination thanks to the loose blue top. The colorful necklace is one of my favorite fashion accessories as it really adds a bit of OOMPH to the outfits that I pair it with.
Red Dress from ShopTM | Here's another one during my 18th week of pregnancy. This is the dress that I wore for Chinese New Year 2019. I guess you pretty much get it why I chose the color RED. Lol. Anyway, The dress is very loose to the point that even when I stand up, my 18 week bump is not noticeable at all!


White top from UNIQLO + Tropical Skirt (Pre-loved) that I bought from my friend's online garage sale, necklace from TOMLIZ, Uyanguren | Hurray hurray for garterized skirts! This pre-loved piece fit my 17 week baby bump thanks to the garter. I must say, this has to be one of my favorite pregnant ootds. Again, I just love how the colorful necklace added a bit of OOMPH to the outfit.

Top from Luna Lifestyle Cafe + Shorts from J.CREW + Flats from Tommy Hilfiger | Hey, pregnant women can still wear regular tops (the loose ones, of course). Ever since I got this top from Luna Lifestyle Cafe, it has become my go-to top during my pregnancy because it still fits my pregnant belly even  until now (yep, at 36 weeks, this top still fits me.) So yeah, just find loose tops and pregnant women are good to go! Oh, and as for the shorts... GARTERIZED, baybeh!

Dress from Marks & Spencer Indonesia + Watch from FITBIT | My aunt sent this to me all the way from Indonesia since she thought of me while she was shopping. I love this dress! The fabric was velvet but cool to wear. I love how comfortable the whole dress is. Just a little back story: This was the day when I realized that my work skirt couldn't fit my 24 week belly and this was basically the first dress I wore to a Monday to Thursday work day. As for the watch, I use this to calculate my steps as I needed to do extra walking as per my OB-GYNE. My target is 4k to 5k steps per day.

Sky Blue Dress from Luna Lifestyle Cafe + Sandals from Celine |  Here's another Loose Dress Episode. My 27 week bump is already quite obvious already and this dress, thanks to its looseness and size, was very comfy to wear on a sunny Saturday. The fabric wasn't too thin but enough to give a bit of cool on my body which was starting to become a literal human oven. (Bun in the oven, as they say!)


Blazer from Forever21 + Rainbow Dress from ShopTM | Hello to my 30 week bump! Now this is already pretty obvious, isn't it? Hahahaha! Oh and I have to thank the horizontal stripes on the dress for that one. It's true what they say - that horizontal stripes really emphasize the width of the body, while vertical stripes give the illusion of tallness. But I don't really mind because yeah, I was getting bigger by the day anyway. No need for any denial there! Lol!

Striped dress from VINE | Please excuse the picture as the lighting wasn't cooperative during this day. Here's another example of how horizontal stripes can really emphasize a woman's figure to an (unflattering?) level? Lol. Nah, not really... I'm just really 31 weeks pregnant. Duh! By the way, I got this dress from my friend who just gave birth a few months ago. She sold this dress to me for only 300 pesos since it was already to big for her to wear on a regular basis. As for me, I am still going to wear this even after birth because I just love the fabric of the dress thanks to its semi-neoprene nature.

Maxi Dress, gift from a friend + Hat from Mumuso | Ahhhh I just love beach days! This maxi dress was the perfect ensemble to wear for this beach trip with Mr. A's officemates at Kembali, Samal. This dress was given to me by my friend and she pretty much made sure to give me a loose one to accommodate my growing belly. Oh and take note, this is not a number from the maternity section... this is just a regular maxi dress that happens to be loose enough to fit my baby bump.

And there you have it, Babes! I guess this post proves that yeah, pregnant women still have the option to rock non-maternity outfits even when their bellies reach the 30th week spot. No need to splurge on Maternity wear just like me. It's all about strategy and finding the right outfits that will accommodate the growing belly. Just remember... garterized and loose wear will do the magic!

I hope this post inspires all pregnant and aspiring mommies to be out there!

That's it for now. Ciao! =)

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