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Hello there, babes! Please do forgive me for my very long fashion sabbatical. All of us, including me, are still adjusting to the current health situation of the world and because of this, there are lesser opportunities for me to go out and do #OOTD shoots. 

But I am so glad that FEMME LUXE FINERY emailed me to choose 4 items from their lovely collections a couple of months ago, which have arrived in my city just 3 days ago. 

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you the four items that I got from them. For this blog post, I took photos indoors with the help of my handy dandy tripod and camera.



Okay so honestly, I am not a huge fan of the color orange. I love the fruit but the color itself does not exactly fit my style. However, when I saw this dress, I was like BAM!... SOLD! I said to myself "I must have this". I mean, look at the design! The puff sleeves, though a bit big when first worn, are actually a great style number. For me, this is the dress that is perfect for a day time date - probably like going to the movies, getting brunch or lunch with the husband, and the like. Just pair this ORANGE ORGANZA MESH OVERLAY FRILL HEM MINI DRESS with nude flats or pumps and yep, you are good to go!

And another obvious reason why this dress grew on me is that I couldn't choose what photo to post. So guess what, I chose to post ALL OF THEM. Lol. Ahhh this dress is so dreamy indeed.


Introducing, the KHAKI COLD SHOULDER CUT OUT JERSEY DRESS. This is probably the most laid back mini dress that I own to date! One thing I want to point out as to why I like this dress so much is because of its design. I am somebody who loves shoulder cut designed tops and dresses. That's why this dress caught my eye instantly while I was browsing through FEMME LUXE FINERY 's pages. 

Another reason is the fabric. As somebody who lives in the Philippines, we (jokingly) only have two seasons - HOT & VERY HOT! Lol. Kidding aside, this dress may look heavy in fabric on photos and hence, might not be ideal for somebody who lives in a tropical country, but when worn, the dress is actually very comfortable! I also love the fact that there are two holes on the tummy area for the belt to be put on. On the photos, I chose to wear a belt that came along with the dress. But I also tried in on without the belt (no photo, sorry) and it still looks good on me. 

If you were to ask me what type of foot wear can I pair this lovely shoulder cut dress with, I would say white sneaks or a mid heeled pair would definitely do the trick.


So I was looking at other items on my closet to pair with these two when I realized roughly twenty minutes later that hmmmm... THESE TWO ACTUALLY LOOK GOOD TOGETHER. So I tried both on and poof.... I WAS RIGHT! Say hello to my paired SAGE MESH FLORAL SLEEVE + BROWN CAMO PRINT ELASTICATED TROUSERS

Let's start with SAGE MESH FLORAL SLEEVE - WOW would be an understatement. I just admire the puff sleeves with floral detail on this top. Sleeves too big? Nahhhh.. I think that is what makes this top very special. It may be simple but when worn, it gives an additional OOOOMPH to the whole outfit. 

Like in this case, the BROWN CAMO PRINT ELASTICATED TROUSERS may look a bit strong because of the camouflage design but when paired with this top tones down everything else. This combination can be given a moniker of "STRONGLY CHIC". Hmmmm, that does have a nice ring to it!

So babes, if you're asking me if I am going to order again from FEMME LUXE FINERY, the answer is a big fat YES!

From casuals to date outfits, they have everything right there! With just a few clicks, I am a hundred percent sure that you will definitely find an outfit or two that would make a great addition to your existing wardrobe.

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