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Believe me when I say that it is indeed very hard to find a skincare brand that will really do wonders for your skin.

For somebody like me who has sensitive skin, trial and error was the name of the game. I have tried SO MANY PRODUCTS FROM DIFFERENT BRANDS.

A little background: My skin wasn’t that bad until the pandemic started and we had to wear masks every single day. Eventually, I ended up having the so-called “MASKNE”. And I was truly desperate to try out different brands just to make the “maskne” and the scars go away.

So there, I found myself trying out different brands. Just like most skin care regimens, my face started peeling and I thought that it was the beginning of having better skin. But boy was I wrong. After the peeling process, it was as if nothing happened. My scars didn’t fade, my skin was still dry and to make things worse, I even had several itchy skin episodes that hindered me from getting decent sleep for days.

That’s why (realtalk) I was so glad that Ayesha reached out to me and asked me to try out MY SKIN PH. At first I was hesitant and I was honest enough to let her know that my skin was really sensitive. So she handpicked a few products from her brand that would hopefully match my skin despite its sensitivity.

I started using the products right then and there. And these are my first impressions of each product:

          SOAP - I use this as my daily bath soap. I just love the faint vanilla scent it gives out during each scrub and I also noticed around day 4 or 5 of usage that my dead skin cells were easily removed with the help of my hand scrub.

                GLOW SERUM - I had a very bad experience with the previous serum that I used because after using it just for a couple of days, it gave out a very pungent smell! But with My Skin PH’s serum, it smelled really good (more like that of baby powder) and after putting it on my face, it doesn’t leave a sticky trace like other serums do.

                              SUNSCREEN - I love using this everyday paired with my favorite lipstick. It is already fairly tainted and sometimes, I don’t even use a powder after applying the sunscreen on my face. It blends out evenly on my skin and just like the serum, it doesn’t leave a sticky feel after application.

                               NIGHT CREAM - same with the serum and sunscreen, it smells good and no sticky feel after application. I put this on before I go to sleep.

                               BRIGHTENING TONER - this is probably my favorite among the other products. Why? Because unlike other toners, it doesn’t STING at all. I have tried several toners before that sting after applying it on my face. But the toner from My Skin PH doesn’t sting at all and even leaves a very nice scent afterwards.     

II       INTENSE WHITE UNDERARM CREAM - this was definitely new to me as I previously used an underarm spray to help whiten my underarms. But adapting to the cream wasn’t a burden at all. The cream easily dried out after application and I need not put a lot of it on my underarms which is a good thing.

It has been more than a month now since I started incorporating these products with my daily routine and these are what I have noticed so far:

  • After giving birth, my underarms became darker and it still hasn’t restored to its former glory even after almost 2 years. But I noticed that it is now lighter after using the underarm cream for only a few days.
  • My "maskne" has started to slowly fade away
  • My skin has become smoother (face and legs)
  • The scars on my legs (from mosquito bites when I was younger) have also started to fade
  • I noticed that my skin is fairer than before

A month may still be too early but within that short period of time, I was able to see favorable results on my skin. And I am confident that with continuous usage of the products, my skin will be on its best despite my age.

So if you ask me if My Skin PH products are really worth trying, the answer is a very big YES!

For more information and orders, check out My Skin PH’s Facebook account by clicking HERE

And their Instagram account - (Click HERE)


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