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KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL has always been THE FESTIVAL that Dabawenyos (like me) look forward to every year. Imagine the pre-pandemic era: Colorful decorations on the highway islands, bountiful fruit harvest during August, sales and discounts everywhere and of course, beautiful smiles of Dabawenyos and tourists who come from far and wide just to see the INDAK INDAK sa KADALANAN where contestants from different parts of the region showcase their talents and creativity. 

Though we are currently experiencing a pandemic, that doesn’t mean that we should just forego the celebration of KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL. We can still celebrate in our homes and with our loved ones. 

For this year’s KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL, GRAB celebrates with us with super sulit deals on the GrabFood app, promotions and with a raffle where Dabawenyos can win exciting vouchers that can be used to purchase a feast fit for a king!

Wait... What do you mean by that? 

Imagine being one of the lucky winners to receive GRAB vouchers. For this raffle, 10,000 pesos worth of GrabFood vouchers are at stake here! Oh yes! Thirty-five (35) lucky winners can win these vouchers which can be used to purchase all your favorite local delicacies via the GRAB APP and treating your loved ones at home to, again, a feast FIT FOR A KING! 

But how? EASY! Here are the mechanics: 

  • Order from a select list of restaurants from the GrabFood app.
  • Use the promo code MADAYAW 
  • Accomplish the raffle form (access it here: 
  • Note: 1 order is equivalent to 1 raffle entry 
  • Promo runs from August 16 to August 31, 2021 
  • Electronic raffle draw will be on September 6, 2021 and winners will be posted on Grab’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts on September 9, 2021. 


GRAB will be awarding the following:  

10 winners with 40 GrabFood vouchers worth 250 pesos off (no minimum order required) 

25 winners with 8 GrabFood vouchers worth 250 pesos off (no minimum order required) 

*these vouchers can be used in any city and with no expiry date* 

See, just by ordering your favorites from GRAB, you get the chance to win all these vouchers.  

Dali na, mag order na ta sa GRAB! 

Happy Kadayawan,  Davao City! 

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