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How blessed are we to be in an era where various gadgets such as mobile phones, computers, home appliances, CCTVs, and the like have been invented to make our lives easier?  

Among all the gadgets mentioned, one of my favorites would have to be the invention of the CCTV (closed-circuit television). 

Nowadays, many homeowners and business owners install CCTVs on their houses and businesses, respectively. This helps in monitoring the various activities in the areas where the CCTVs can cover. 

On a personal note, installing CCTV units on our residence can be considered as one of the best purchase decisions that my husband and I made. Both of us work on weekdays, and we only have the nanny and housekeeper to help us look after our 2-year old son and the entire household.

CCTVs have become a tool for us to check on our son while we are at work. We installed one CCTV unit inside our bedroom and another unit in our living room where our son spends his time the most while we are at work. 

[actual CCTV footage of our son hanging out with his nanny in our living room]

Aside from checking up on our son from time to time, there are added bonuses that come with having CCTVs at home. There are occasions where we would witness our little one dance to his favorite nursery rhymes (something that he frequently does during the day and rarely at night). And there are times we would hear him utter words that we have never heard of before. We also get to witness his ability to pick up his toys after playing, which makes us very proud.

[He cleaned up afterwards]

Since the CCTV that my husband purchased can also make voice calls, we sometimes talk to our son by saying “HI” or discipline him when we see him do something unacceptable.  At least by doing so, he knows that we are watching him even if we are not at home, and he will be mindful of his actions. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone, right? 

Another benefit of having CCTV units at home is for safety reasons. My husband installed one CCTV unit fronting our residence’s entrance, three units outside the garage, and one inside the garage. Since we live in a commercial area in downtown Davao City, so many unfamiliar people pass by every single day. Just to be safe, CCTV units were installed to monitor any movement outside of our residence and, of course, possible prevention of any unwanted acts. One example of which is seeing a mother and son throw their trash in front of our door. Thanks to our CCTV and the quick notification, I was able to go down while they were still there and asked them nicely to remove their garbage. I also think I was able to subtly teach them a lesson at the same time.

[mother and son tandem caught littering in front of our house]

Just like what I mentioned above, having CCTVs outside of our residence also comes with added bonuses as well. We have witnessed so many entertaining scenarios, from teenage girls having their OOTD photoshoots taken outside, to small children taking TIKTOK videos. Our personal favorite would have to be seeing a son greet his mother in front of our residence with a warm hug after a hard day’s work.

[mother and son hugging each other after a looong day]

But in order for CCTVs to fully function, these have to be backed up by a fast and strong internet connection. Upgrading to PLDT HOME FIBR PLAN 2399 recently was definitely a good decision because it can fully support all twelve (12) CCTV units at home. There were no lags in terms of reviewing the CCTV footage at night, and on-time viewing has become smoother. 

I definitely recommend getting a quality internet connection for those who want to install CCTV units in their homes. And for us, PLDT HOME FIBR has been working great so far! No regrets here. 

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