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The activities that we were used to doing before, like celebrating special occasions, face-to-face schooling, office meetings, and even traveling, just to name a few, have not been the same since the pandemic started.

But thanks to modern technology, the presence of different gadgets like computers, cellphones, and smart televisions, and backed up by a reliable internet, became mediums for so many people to still be able to do the activities mentioned without the need to leave the house. Oh, and let us not forget the availability of different apps which make communication easier.

Thanks to different apps such as Facebook Messenger, ZOOM, MS Teams, and Google Meet, reuniting with family, friends, and officemates online has become a new thing. These applications have now become the new venue for doing office meetings, celebrating reunions or birthdays, and even making online classes happen. Who would have thought that the days would come where all of these can be made possible with the aid of gadgets, applications, and the internet, right?

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A few times that I have experienced these scenarios starting last year were the times when the Davao Bloggers Society would host activities using these apps. Thanks to the effort of the organization’s officers, the members were able to come together, play games, and have fun online. Though it is different from what the members were used to before, the smiles and laughter from everyone who participated are enough  validation that celebrating online is still a good way to adapt despite the pandemic.

How about traveling? I personally miss traveling. Would you believe that I was still able to travel around the world despite the pandemic?

Yes, I was able to travel without even spending a penny by purchasing tickets, all thanks to the various travel vloggers on Youtube. It is through their lens backed up by beautiful editing that I was able to still see different parts of the world while lying in the comfort of my bed and snacking while I was at it. One of my favorite places that I “virtually” visited was South Korea. South Korea is one of the countries that has always been on my list but sadly, our plans of going on vacation there has been hindered. I have not yet ticked this country off my bucket list.  But thanks to Youtube, I was able to see the different street foods that the country has to offer and the previous movie/Kdrama series locations that have become popular tourist attractions.

These are just some examples of how I personally adapted to the pandemic. Again, thanks to modern technology backed up by reliable internet, reuniting with others and traveling without the need to go out is still possible. I am truly blessed to have all the gadgets that I need to keep me sane during this time, plus the presence of our PLDT Fibr. I have never experienced lagging during video calls or even while watching videos on Youtube. Thanks to PLDT, I can still connect with the outside world and with my loved ones with just a few clicks and without the need to leave the house.

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