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Hello again, babes! Long time no blog post. Huhu so sorry about that. What’s my excuse? Well, as usual. Life happened – pandemic, work, motherhood, etc. 

But I am back and this time, I am here to give an honest review about three new products from OLIDANI that I have been using for the past few weeks.


There was a time during the last quarter of 2021 when I stopped using any skincare product on my face because of one reason – laziness. Yep, being a full time employee and having to take care of a toddler at night (during busy December seaznnn) drains majority of my energy every single day. And because of that laziness (plus having to wear mask at home), I developed again the dreaded MASK-NE (acne due to wearing of face masks) 

So I had to step up, remove laziness from my vocabulary and experimented with OLIDANI CARNELIAN SOAP. I use it twice a day – once in the morning before going to work, and once at night while taking a bath. Believe it or not, I saw FAST improvement on my face. Pimples were gone in less than a week and the scars left by those nasty pimples have slowly faded away. This round orange soap has indeed done fast wonders on my face. Oh and what I also like about this soap is that it doesn't melt that fast. Even up to this day (3  months later), I still have less than half of soap left.



One secret to having young skin is to moisturize. And the OLIDANI FACE BUTTER does exactly just that. I noticed that my face is not that dry anymore compared to a few months back. Plus, it smells really nice too! I use approximately an hour before I go to sleep. I make sure that my face absorbs the product well before I hit the sack as to lessen the chances of the product being wiped by the pillow. It works better this way. 

After even just a few days of using this product, I noticed that my skin is less flaky. Again, the content of the face butter is generous and I still have a lot of it left after using it for three months now.



I apply this after my toner. I put one drop on the forehead, left and right cheek and using my ring finger, I spread the product all over my face. Verdict after just a few days of using it? It helped make my facial pores smaller and also helped in making the “mask-ne” scars disappear faster. I don’t use this everyday to be honest but even though I don’t apply it on a daily basis, it still does wonders for my skin. 

These products are a bit expensive than your usual over the counter products, but when it comes to quality and effectiveness, no doubt these three products have indeed exceeded my expectations. These Japan-made products are great for Asian skin indeed. Japanese women are known to age very gracefully and that is also thanks to the skincare products that they produce. OLIDANI is one of them. I am looking forward to aging gracefully with these products too. 

I'll be travelling to another continent next month. It will be spring time over there and I will be bringing all three products with me since I am confident that these will help my skin endure the sudden change of weather - from tropical to spring time vibes.

If you want to check these products that I reviewed and more products from OLIDANI, check their Facebook out by clicking HERE.

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