Honor X7a | The gotta-have-this phone for travelers!

By Athina Angliongto - 8:24:00 PM


I have been using the HONOR X7a for almost a month now and I have to say that I AM IMPRESSED with this phone. For Php 7,990.00, you will definitely get MORE THAN what you paid for.

Disclaimer: I am not a tech savvy individual but I am writing this blog post based on my personal experience while using the phone for a month.

Now with the disclaimer above, I won’t go into the technicalities of the phone but allow me to share with you the link where I was able to see the specs of HONOR X7a posted by gsmarena ---> https://www.gsmarena.com/honor_x7a-12076.php

From all the specs mentioned on that website, allow me to share FIVE reasons as to why this phone is the perfect phone for travellers.

1.) 50MP BACK CAMERA – You read it right! 50 MP! For Php 7,990.00, you get a phone with a quad back cam – 50MP (wide); 5MP (ultrawide); 2MP (macro) and 2MP (depth). Now with all these four combined, a user is able to capture great photos at any distance.

Check out the sample photos I took using the back cam of this phone:

2.) SELFIE CAMERA – The HONOR X7a has an 8 MP selfie camera which produces fair quality photos (indoor) and even nicer photos when taken outdoors. This is perfect for those who are traveling solo and want to have a photo taken with a tourist spot without the need to ask somebody to take the photo for that person.

Check out the sample photos taken using the front cam of this phone:

Taken in low light

Taken with sufficient lighting

 3. 6000 mAh Battery – one problem that travellers always encounter is having their batteries drained even before the day is even done. This causes so many memories not being documented since most individuals depend on their phone to take photos during travel. But that is definitely not the case with HONOR X7a – which boasts of having a 6000 mAh battery. And boy let me tell you, 6000 mAh battery is considered pretty strong. With this feature, the phone promises a 3-day no charge standby time and that is actually pretty rare for a phone in this day and age.

4.) A Phone-slash-Powerbank - Another great feature about HONOR X7a is that you can use this phone as a powerbank. I’m sure most of us use more than one phone nowadays and the HONOR X7a comes in pretty handy just in case the other phone drains out. All you need is a wire that connects both phones, plug it and watch the other phone’s battery increase. Yep, it’s that simple! Oh, and of course, very important for travellers who need not worry about spending the whole day outdoors since they are carrying a phonethat is also a powerbank.

Check out the photos below taken while I was charging my Iphone:

I just connected both phones and charging began asap

5.) Large Display – The HONOR X7a sports a 6.74-inch screen display which is a plus for those who love to watch shows using their phone. I personally have already watched several Kdramas and Cdramas using this phone and I am loving it thus far! Watching the characters while reading the subtitles is not at all challenging thanks to its fair display. And as a traveller, this is useful since flights to and from destinations can get pretty boring. Watching a good show on the cellphone can really help forget about the time.

I am all about big screened phones that it was the size of the HONOR X7a's display is definitely a plus for me!


Verdict: The FIVE reasons I mentioned above are just a fraction of this phone's full potential. But like I said, I ain't a techie but as somebody who is a heavy-phone user and also a frequent traveler, this phone definitely falls under the "gotta-have-this" category.


The HONOR X7a is available at all HONOR stores nationwide.

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