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Yours truly at the official launch of OLIDANI PHILIPPINES.

Last March 18, 2023, I was one of the lucky ones to be invited to my favorite Japanese beauty brand's official launch in Davao City. I had the best time since I finally met the beautiful CEO of Olidani, Ms. CARLY OTOMO.

If you read my previous blog post about Olidani, you would know that I instantly became a fan of the brand because it has really helped my skin a lot especially during the pandemic. I suffered badly from the pandemic coined term "mask-ne" and thanks to the Olidani products that were introduced by Ma'am Elsie Bernas, my skin really became better.. MUCH MUCH BETTER to say the least. (If you want to read an in depth review of the products that I first used, read it by clicking HERE)

What's so great about Olidani Products, you ask? Well, all products are formulated and made from extracted natural plant oils endemic to Japan. Almost all the raw materials used for Olidani products are locally outsourced.  This gives users a natural and organic skincare experience while using the product.

Ms. Carly Otomo's beauty is a testament to the effects of Olidani Products on one's skin. I mean just look at her! She is just beautiful and her face looks so young. I honestly wish that I would age as gracefully as her. And I am confident that with OLIDANI, I WILL AGE GRACEFULLY. Period.

Allow me to share here photos of some of OLIDANI's products that I took during the event:

I will posting another in-depth review of some of the products soon. I still need a few weeks to try them out to really make a very thorough review. But here's a teaser... so far so good for me!

Here's a quick but meaningful appreciation post to Ma'am Elsie for trusting me. Thank you so much for brining OLIDANI to the Philippines and doing your utmost best to reach out to women and help them with their skin concerns. Looking forward to seeing the brand grow with your guidance.

And just to add, I believe the camaraderie of these two powerful women will definitely put a mark in the beauty industry of the Philippines - Ms. Carly Otomo and Ms. Elsie Bernas.

For more information about OLIDANI PH, you can check out their social media accounts by clicking here ---- FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

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