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Hey babes!

Oh yes! After ages, I am finally back with another #ootd blog post. I have been meaning to do this for a few months now but as usual, life got in the way. BUSY is really an understatement, to be honest, lol.

So anyway, the family and I finally... FINALLY... successfully pushed through with our plans to travel to the United States to visit my Brother in Law and his family. The original plan was that we were supposed to travel back in 2020 but well as we all now, the pandemic happened and our plans all went down the drain.

Now that travel restrictions have eased this year, we were finally able to travel. It was my first time to go to the United States and of course, my personal travel is never complete without planning for outfits and taking #ootd photos.

Here are just some of the outfits that I wore during our almost 1 month trip to the United States:

Outfit number 1: I wore this on our 3rd day in New Jersey. Before heading out, I checked the weather and I clearly remember that it was 7 degrees Celsius that day. Whew... SPRING weather was definitely something I was not yet well accustomed to so I had to layer myself up with a lot of clothing pieces. I got the turtle neck and checkered coat from SHEIN and these were pieces that I had to have. White, or course, can be paired with absolutely anything and as for the coat, it just looked really nice so I just had to have it. Lol.

Outfit number 2: Light Brown Coat + Long Sleeved Dress from Femmeluxe. I wore this number when we were exploring Washington DC. Here's a photo of me rocking this outfit outside the white house.

Outfit Number 3: Denim Jumpsuit + Mint Blue Light Coat. Sunday is Church Day! Even though we were on vacation, we never forgot to hear mass on Sunday. And this photo was taken after we went to church during our 2nd week in the US. This is the outfit I wore on a cold spring day while exploring the streets of Hoboken and looking for a shop that sells a simcard. Lol. If you are an avid reader of my blog, you might have already seen this denim jumpsuit before. I had to bring it along with me since the denim material is quite thick enough to withstand the cold weather (with the help of this coat of course!)

Outfit Number 4: Terranova Sweater + Terranova Jeans: I clearly remember buying this top and bottom combo during one of Terranova's sales in SM Lanang Premier last year. I was just simply on an errand run that day and boom... I went inside Terranova and the rest was history lol. But no regrets here. I love the sweater and pants. The pants fit me well and I have also used this several times even after our travel.

Outfit number 5: Fur coat + Statement Shirt + Terranova Jeans. I'm telling you, buying these jeans from Terranova was really a great decision. And matched with one of my favorite statement shirts from Shein and this Fur Coat that I got from Lazada pre pandemic makes a good simple outfit.

Outfit number 6: Light Brown Coat + Terranova Sweater and Jeans + Zalora Boots: Ah yes the jeans again because, why not? This is what I wore during our last day in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, before we travelled to Washington DC. The weather was FUHREEZING but thankfully, this sweater from Terranova did its fair share of keeping me warm.

Outfit number 7: Pink Shoulder Cut-out Sweater + Terranova Jeans: Sweater but make it show a bit of skin! I just love this sweater that I have had for ages already (I honestly forgot if I bought this or if I got this as a gift. hmmm) but anyway, I just love the cut out detail on the shoulders. In the Philippines, this type of style is called "bakuna" top meaning "vaccine" since the areas exposed are usually where vaccines are being injected. Lol, makes a lot of sense though. Again, paired with these light denim jeans that I got from Terranova.

Outfit number 8: What you don't see here in this picture is that I am actually wearing a jumpsuit inside that thick bubble jacket. We were at the zoo at that time and it was FUHREEZING COLD. I wore a total of 4 layers here which included a white shirt (used as inner), a jumpsuit, a slightly thinner bubble jacket, all covered with an even thicker bubble jacket. Lol.. YEP.. it was THAT COLD.

Outfit number 9: POP OF COLOR! This is probably one of my favorite #ootds yet one of my WORST ootd decisions ever. But for the sake of looking pretty, I just had to withstand the hard coldness of spring lol. It was 2 degrees in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and here I was, wearing a thin jumpsuit and this light brown coat. Oh, and I also wore Uniqlo heattech inside the jumpsuit but to be honest, it wasn't enough for me to make a straight face while being outdoors lol. But hey you gotta admit, this outfit is pretty cute with all the colors, eh?

So yeah, in this post are just 9 of my favorite #ootds during our trip to the US last year. And I have to admit, while SPRING will never be my favorite weather, I did however came up with cute outfit combinations that were (errr somewhat) weather appropriate. And I really had fun dressing up and coming up with outfits that I know I COULD NEVER wear in the Philippines. Yep, it was fun!

Can't wait for the next travel and of course, taking #ootd photos will always be in the equation.

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