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For somebody who has been struggling with hair fall since college thanks to *cough* stress (hello minor feeling major subjects, lol!), I am always trying products that would help with hair fall.

I have tried so many products before and some were good and some did absolutely nothing on my hair. But that hasn’t stopped me from still trying out other products available on the market. And here are products from Luxe Organix that might just help with my predicament – Anti Hair Fall Line.

I got this one sometime in January and I have been using it for around 6 weeks at the time or writing. Before my honest review and verdict, allow me to describe each product first:

1.)    Anti-Hair Fall Gentle Clarifying Detox Shampoo

When I first used this on my hair, the shampoo gave out a very familiar scent. Turns out, one of its ingredients is Red Ginseng which aids in promoting hair growth and also has anti-fungal properties. In order for hair growth to be successful, maintaining healthy hair is a must and keeping away the bad elements such as the fungi helps a whole lot. Does it smell nasty? Believe me, it doesn’t. It was just a scent I wasn’t used to putting on my hair but it wasn’t that bad to deal with.

 2.) Anti-Hair Fall Strengthening Conditioner

I use a generous amount of conditioner and put majority of it on the mid to tips of my hair where all the tangles are usually concentrated. And I have noticed less brittleness on colored parts of hair which I guess is an indication that yes, this conditioner actually does work!

 3.) Anti-Hair Fall Energizing Hair Serum

And last but not the least from the Anti-Hair fall line is the hair serum which I put a generous amount after I tower dry my hair. I also massage it on my scalp and so far, I love how relaxing the massage is and I don’t know if it’s just me but my hair feels more soft and easier to comb after applying this one.

Verdict: After using these three products on my hair for around 6 weeks (and still counting), I could honestly say that YES!... these products have made a huge impact on my hair. Hair fall has become lesser and there are even days when there is ZERO hair fall when I finger comb my hair. So for me, these three products altogether really helped with my hair fall problem.

But let us always remember that what may work for me may or may not work for the others. Again, you know what they say in Filipino – “Hiyang-hiyang lang ‘yan”.

Luxe Organix Products are available online and at all Watsons Stores Nationwide.

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