Must-Have Summer Essentials (Whew, ang init!)

By Athina Angliongto - 7:18:00 AM


If there’s another thing that we cannot control in this world, then that is the weather. And right now, the Philippine weather is not that friendly at all and oftentimes, people just choose to stay at home or go out when Mr. Sun is about to set.

But thanks to technology, there are already appliances that can cater to this particular concern. And what’s even greater is that Home Credit’s 0% interest promo (which will run up to May 31, 2024) can be of big help to grab these appliances without the need to break the bank and hurt anybody’s budget.

Here are some of the items that are a highly recommended especially for this weather:

1. Water Dispenser: Of course, you have to stay hydrated at all times! This Free Standing Water Dispenser from Fujidenzo is a great source of water. It has a child safety lock feature and come is three modes for the water: Hot, Cold and Warm. Now with the WARM option, no need to mix both hot and cold to achieve that right amount of water temp for us.

2.) Juicer: Now of course, it is also nice to drink something refreshing aside from water, right? Well, this Slow Juicer (800ml)from Hanabishi might be the perfect partner in whipping up those fruit drinks at home. Just use this on your choice of fruit, get a few ice cubes from the freezer and you are good to go!

3.) Electric Fan: If you’re like me who is not a fan of aircon BUT dislikes the hot weather, then this Asahi Electric Floor TowerFan is the answer. The height option of this one is just right to bring in additional cooling on the room for everyone.

4.) Refrigerator: Now a while ago, we just talked about water and juice, right? Well, how about Other beverages that can cool us down like softdrinks or desserts such as ice cream? Then having a good quality refrigerator is the answer. The Markes 4.2cu ft Beverage Cooler MSR120XC is a good option. The shelves are adjustable and can maximize space storage.


5.) Cellphone: Wait, what? A cellphone? Of course we shouldn’t miss this one especially for this weather. Heat strokes are inevitable nowadays and it could happen to anyone. Having a cellphone of good quality will really be useful in case anybody (could be you or somebody else, God forbid), would experience a heat stroke or any medical emergency related to the weather, then call for help would be just a few clicks away. And the Samsung Galaxy A34 5G 256GB/8GB is not only affordable, but has proven to be a very good phone with great specs.

 If you’re convinced to purchase an item or two from my list but your monthly budget says otherwise, then don’t worry because Home Credit is here for you. Just download the app now and navigate your way in getting those appliances that you truly need for you and your home.


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