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When people hear the word INSURANCE, they sometimes shy away from the conversation and refuse to engage in such. I was one of those people so many years ago. But all that changed thanks to a schoolmate who messaged me on a random day, ten years ago.

Fast forward today, I am a proud owner of insurance policies from Sun Life. A substantial fraction of my paycheck goes to these insurance policies but I do not mind at all. I find it very essential to invest in something that will be beneficial for me and my family just in case (God, forbid) something happens to me. I need not worry about my son having nothing at all.

I was so honoured to be invited to THE NEXT BIG GIG CARAVAN during their Davao Leg last April 27, 2024 at the SMX Convention Center. This was actually the first one and it will continue at the Zuri Hotel in Iloilo City on May 11, SMX Convention Center at Pasay City on May 18 and at the Laus Group Events Centre in San Fernando, Pampanga on June 15, 2024.

This event is all about teaching potential Sun Life Advisor candidates the importance of insurance and why it is essential. There are so many opportunities for Sun Life Advisors to gain financial freedom and also work at their own pace and time. At this day and age, flexibility is very important especially for those who want to stay with their children and work at the same time.

And what’s nice is that there were so many booths around the activity area. These include the “Next Big Quiz”, “Next Big Destination” and the “Next Big Project”. Exclusive Sun Life Merchandise and other exciting prizes are also in store for those who participate during the games and also give the booths a try.

For those who are interested to join any of the Live Brighter Forums can get in touch with a Sun Life advisor or visit to know more.

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