LET'S GO LOKAL | Save more thanks to foodpanda codes exclusive for Davaoenyos!

By Athina Angliongto - 9:50:00 PM


MABUHAY AND MADAYAW, fellow Davaoenyos! If you're hungry while reading this blog, well... then that makes two of us! Lol!

But what if I told you that you need not ignore your hunger especially if you are on the look out for #SupportLocal dishes like myself? I'm sure you wouldn't be crazy to pass this deal!

I have good news for you! foodpanda has three dedicated codes EXCLUSIVE for Davaoenyos!

KAON | Up to 50% off lunch and dinner from 11 am to 10 pm

LAMI | Get Php 300 off every weekends

DAVAONEW | get 50% off on your first order on the foodpanda app

Now you got the codes, next step is to check out some local merchants that might tickle your fancy and might just have the food that you have been craving for:

1. ALING PAZ FOOD HAUZ - nestled at one of Davao's busiest areas, this place is quite common among those who are hungry after sharing a beer or two with friends.

2.)  TIGER BUBBLE TEA - thirsty? then why not try this place? They have a lot of flavors to choose from. Oh, and I heard through the grapevine that their brown sugar concoction are actually quite good! Don't forget to thank me later *wink*

3.) CHIKOY'S LUGAWAN - I have lost count on how many times I have ordered from this place - both in store and thru foodpanda. Their lugaw is just one of the best that I have tried thus far. This is our go to place when we feel like eating something hot on a rainy night. Ah yes, that scenario indeed.

4.) HANGRY TUNA - hungry + angry? Lol such a witty name! And well, if the tuna game is to be played, this place does not disappoint indeed!

5.) BBQ BOSS - hands down one of the best bbq places in Davao City. This is my go-to place when I am craving for Filipino style bbq. The close to perfectly cooked meat plus the sauce is just right! Oh and their bbq fried rice is a must try too. Again, thank me later!

6.) HAVELI KING - did you know that there is an Indian Resto that locals have already embraced and love? No need to go to India in order to try out what their food really tastes like thanks to Haveli King. Their Pani Puri is one of their must-tries. Believe me!


7.) NEW DAVAO FAMOUS - the name does not lie! This place is indeed famous in the city thanks to their delicious dishes which have been enjoyed by Davaoenyos for decades and has been a partner of many family gatherings in whatever occasion.

8.) SHAXIAN SNACKS - if you're craving for Chinese food, then you should definitely consider ordering from this place. They serve really good Chinese food such as buns, noodles and their chicken dish does not disappoint!

9.) WE GOT CHA - here's a new personal discovery that I never thought I would learn to love. Not only does this place serve refreshments, but they also serve really good takoyaki! Definitely not a waste of time and money if you order from them!

10.) LA HALO HALO - putting this last but DEFINITELY not the least - if you're looking for creamy halo halo and mais con yelo, trust me when I say that you will never regret ordering from this place. The cream they use is very thick with just the right amount of milk and sweetness level. Again, thank me later!

Now if you've come this far, I'm sure that you're already craving for something good from any of the merchants that I mentioned. So consider this as your sign to get your phone, click on the foodpanda app now and order what you want and of course, don't forget to use the codes exclusive for Davaoenyos for additional savings!

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