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Allow me to write a little about how I started blogging.

I remember back when I was in high school, our English teacher encouraged our class to try out blogging. I remember she mentioned that someday, blogging is going to be a big thing. It’s going to move mountains, help change the world, that sort of thing.

I tried it out. Not because I wanted to move mountains or change the world for the better. I started to blog because I wanted to write. I studied in a prestigious university that was very strict in speaking and writing the English language. I learned to love both speaking and writing in English but I have to admit, speaking wasn’t really for me as I tend to mix words up even if my content was already arranged up there on my head. But it was writing that never failed to embarrass me. That’s why blogging was indeed something that I became passionate about.

My first blog’s address was www.iamvillagegurl.blogspot.com. It was my classmate who picked that address out for me and I honestly don’t know why. But I went with it anyway. The contents of that blog were mostly my personal day to day experiences plus my baduy high school OOTDS (yes, I started taking OOTD pictures of myself since I was in high school). I asked a digital camera from my parents for Christmas because I really wanted better OOTD pictures for my blog. I blogged for about two years until I stopped because I became busy with college. I tried to retrieve my old blog but it cannot be found anymore.

I was also very interested in street fashion. Street fashion is all about wearing different styles that one is most comfortable with. I wasn’t the type of person that exactly followed the latest trends but rather incorporated the latest trends with my own style. And that was my main subject on my blogs. I wrote a lot about my outfit, where I bought it, etc. I was also into clothing reconstruction. My mom gave me some of her clothes which were a bit bigger in size, so I had those repaired. Some of her dresses I would have reconstructed like turning those into skirts, shorts and vests. I remember garnering attention from Russian teenagers who were my first constant followers on my blog and said that they loved my style and the idea of clothing reconstruction. That inspired me more to blog about my street style.

Aside from street style, I was also very much into skin care. I got this from my mom who was really into various skin care products which she shares with me and my sister. It was no surprise as to why my mom looked so much younger than my classmates’ moms who were even younger than her. She really takes good care of her skin and I wanted to be just like her. So I started to appreciate skin care products and shared them on my blogs as well.

I made a new blog in college but I forgot the address. Ooops! But anyway, blogging was my stress reliever in my college world full of numbers, complicated calculations, balancing ledgers and financial analysis problems to name a few. During Wednesday Washdays (WW), the school was my runway. And I would write about my WW outfits the next day. But again, life happened. I stopped before my fourth year of college when I had to take studies more seriously. The Russian teenagers who used to follow my blogs emailed me to come back to blogging. I wasn’t able to reply to their emails. And I still regret not replying up to this day.

I went back to blogging after college and would you believe that www.i-am-mrs-a.com is my fourth blog after I graduated? I honestly couldn’t retrieve my two other blogs because I forgot my passwords (Oooops again!) so I am currently blogging at www.parttimedyosa.blogspot.com and this one. But i-am-mrs-a is concentrated on fashion and beauty blogging. I started i-am-mrs-a just this year in August and this became my virtual baby. I am also the luckiest girl alive because I have a husband who is really supportive of what I love to do. He is the one who takes my OOTD photos and I could say that he really does a good job at it. I guess because he knows where my good angles are.

Being nominated for Favorite Fashion Blog in the Davao Blog Awards 2016 was already overwhelming for me. I was happy to just be nominated and to have the blog recognized as a fashion blog. But winning this one was very unexpected. It was definitely an added bonus. If I remember my speech correctly during the awarding, it went on something like this:

“I would like to share this award with the person behind all my OOTDs, Mr. A”

If it weren’t for my husband, I wouldn’t have any decent OOTD photos to post on my blog.

There would be no Mrs. A if it weren’t for Mr. A. Thank God he married me! Lol.

And of course, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Davao Bloggers for nominating and voting for me. This award is an added inspiration for me to do better as a fashion blogger. Cheers to more and more years of fashion blogging.

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