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photo by Jim Carlo of www.digitaldavao.com

It’s that time of the year for DBS once again! I just love how the officers are so creative when it comes to thinking of themes for special occasions. This Christmas 2016, the theme is all about dressing up in one’s favorite Disney character or those from Disney’s subsidiaries like Marvel and Pixar.

I was opting to either be Pocahontas or Belle of Beauty and the Beast. But I decided to skip being a Disney princess and opted to give a Marvel character a chance. I wanted a challenge.

I came across EMMA FROST’s picture while googling “Female Characters on Marvel” and it was like the photo and I had an instant connection. I googled some more on what the character looks like, what she wears, what’s her stance, her make-up, etc. Here is what she looks like.

image from google. ctto

Ugh okay. That's not exactly the look I was aiming for. That's a bit too sexy for my taste. Plus, Mr. A would never let me out of the house wearing something like that. So I had to improvise.

Here comes the hard part: Brainstorming on what to wear. And good thing I have just the perfect outfit for the character. I’ll let you in on a little secret. The jumpshorts that I decided to wear is the exact same jumpshorts that I wore last year to DBS White Christmas Party and I'm quite confident that nobody noticed that particular detail. Hahaha. I just asked my seamstress to add a cape at the back of my dress to make it more like Emma Frost’s outfit minus the sexy part. Good thing my seamstress was able to do it asap.Hey, who says recycling is a crime, right? I’m just being practical.

Aside from the jumpshorts, I also made a logo that can be seen being worn by Emma Frost on her chest area. I did a DIY for this one with the help of an old white folder and Pylox gold spray paint.

I drew a medium sized circle, cut it, and taped it on a newspaper. Then I sprayed Pylox gold spray paint on it until the whole circle is colored gold. I let it dry for ten minutes before I removed it from the newspaper. Then I glued the red triangles that I had printed from a nearby computer shop.

Other add-ons that I bought for my Emma Frost look is the white stir-up stockings that I bought from Gaisano Mall of Davao and also the gems stickers bought from Uyanguren. I put the stickers on my face for that frosty look and likened my make up to that of Emma Frost’s.  Oh, and I also used hair dye spray on my hair which I bought from Watsons Abreeza.

The stickers were inspired by other girls who put these on their faces to get the almost perfect Emma Frost look. Most of them used gems but using these stickers is easier because these already have built in adhesive for these to stick on the face.

As for my hair, I wanted to have natural waves. So I tied my hair in a bun like the one shown below, and sprayed Beachborn Seasalt Spray to achieve those natural looking waves.

As for Mr. A since he was really busy before the party, he opted to wear a character shirt instead to still be in-line with the theme.

Everybody in the party looked extremely cute wearing their costumes. The creativity of Davao Bloggers Society is really commendable. That Christmas party was definitely one for the books! Cheers to more Christmas parties with my Davao Bloggers Society family.

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