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WHAT I WORE: Black and White Striped dress from Gaisano Grand Ilustre Department Store | White Sneakers from SM Department Store | Black and White Native Necklace bought from a Street Vendor | Large Black Bag bought from a friend

You read it right! I bought this dress for only Php 150. It’s not thrifted, by the way. I bought this one at Gaisano Grand Ilustre. That’s one of the things I like about that mall – they are always on sale! The department store is so big (three floors) and its ladies section has so many items to choose from, ranging from bags to shoes to clothes, etc.  I was lucky one girl when Mr. A and I decided to stop by at Gaisano after our doctor’s appointment. Aside from this dress, I also bought two dresses (also striped but of different colors) and three jogger pants.

I really have a thing for stripes and I have lots of clothes that are striped – horizontal, vertical, diagonal stripes. For me, it’s one of those designs that never go out of style. Whatever the season is, stripes can always be incorporated in any outfit.

The black bag is a recent discovery of mine when I went home to my parents’ house one weekend. I wanted to borrow one of my mom’s bags because I needed a big one (since I tend to carry loads of things with me whenever I go). Then she reminded me that I owned a huge black bag which I don’t use anymore. I went to my room to look for it and boom, it was there inside one of my closets. I haven’t used this one in a while. I remembering buying this from a friend of mine for Php 500 but she stopped selling these when she migrated to the United States.

As for my necklace, I bought this one from a Street Vendor that sold various trinkets last December 2016 along Sta. Ana Street, Davao City. The pendant of the necklace had a trace of punching mistake but nevertheless, it was a simple masterpiece waiting to be worn. The blunder is very immaterial. What I also like about this piece is that it can also be worn during beach trips or any summer wear.

Oh, and allow me to give loads of credit to the one and only, Mr. A, for taking all my lovely outfit photos, and for carrying my bag when I feel it's too heavy for me. The bag looks good with his outfit, right? =)

By the way, check out all the other clothes that I bought together with this dress now up on my Youtube Channel.

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