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Today's blog post is all about a new segment that I want to start in my blog - OOTD FEATURE - where I will be featuring families, friends and others whose fashion sense I find very impressive.

For the first post of this feature, allow me to introduce my friend LOUIE GERARD REBUELTA. Louie is one of my closest friends in the office and I consider him as one of my BRUHs (brother). One particular Friday, his fashion statement was all about DENIM ON DENIM which I found very interesting. Since I have also readers who suggested for me to feature Men's Fashion as well, then I guess this is the perfect time to do so by writing more about Louie's take on the DENIM phenomena.

WHAT LOUIE WORE: Denim Top, Baleno from SM Department Store | Belt, McJim | Pants, Oxygen | Shoes, Sperry Topsider

I remember a couple of months ago, Louie told me he wanted to step up his style. He wasn't really into mixing and matching before but it's great that he finally decided to make a change in dressing himself up. I could honestly say that with his take on DENIM ON DENIM, he was able to pull it off.

The brown belt was a good addition to wear in between the denim top and pants. I personally find it a necessity to put something in between a denim top and bottom because not doing is not very appealing to me.

The shoes were something that I sort of talked Louie into buying a few months ago because the Sperrys are just perfect for any occasion - casuals, formals, - and it can even be worn to the beach. No kidding! I have seen dudes rocking their Sperry Topsiders in Boracay and they killed it! And yeah, the shoes also go well with the DENIM ON DENIM outfit of Louie.

Shout out to Bruh Louie for being so game with this mini shoot and for the support. Check out my future OOTD FEATURES soon.

By the way, you can find Louie in one of my VLOGS up on my YOUTUBE Channel as we braved the street of Claveria, Davao City just to find Streetfood. VLOG down below.

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