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Hey Babes! If you follow me on social media and if you are a frequent visitor of this blog since the beginning, you would know how much I express my gratefulness towards the existence of HAIRFOOD CO. Why? Well... It's because ever since I discovered this brand, my hair has never been the same (in the best way possible).

Just to give you ideas, check out my previous posts about HAIRFOOD CO.'s products by clicking HERE; My review about the CACAI FREEDOM HAIRBRUSH DETANGLER by clicking HERE and my review about the CACAI MOISTURE BOMB LEAVE-IN HAIR SERUM by clicking HERE.

For this post, allow me to share with you, again, the products that I have been using for the third quarter of this year and a quick review of each:

ARGAN GOLD REPAIR THERAPY SHAMPOO - This is my favorite shampoo by HAIRFOOD CO. Thanks to the Argan Oil content of this product, my filthy dandruff situation (because I have dry skin) has already been taken cared of. This shampoo not only cleans my tresses but it moisturizes my scalp and fights off dandruff and dryness which I know, every girl hates.

AWESOME VOLUME CONDITIONER - dull hair no more thanks to this heaven sent conditioner! There are days when my hair becomes so flat and lifeless after blow drying it but if I put this on after shampooing, it's like my hair has a life of its own and is ready to party! Like seriously Babes, it really gives my hair life and volume.

ZERO GRAVITY SHAMPOO FOR HAIR FALL - I also have hair fall trouble which has already caused our plumber countless trips to our bathroom (sorry, my bad!). My biology teacher used to share back in High School that falling hair among women is VERY NATURAL and we lose an average of 100 strands per day. But sometimes, it's a hassle especially when the hair falls out when showering. (again, sorry plumber!). But when I started incorporating this on my bathing regimen (I personally use it every other day or thrice a week), I noticed that I don't lose as much hair strands as I did before. I also bought a bottle of each for my mom to try out because she was having hair fall trouble as well and she also noticed a material difference just by using it for a week!

So that is it for my quick review of HAIRFOOD CO.'s products. Trust me Babes, these products are truly what every girl should have in their bathrooms.

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