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One of the many things I am thankful for as a citizen of Davao City is the existence of PEOPLE’S PARK. It has been around for so many years and this is a place where locals and tourists go and spend time with family, friends while appreciating the beauty of the park. Plus, this is where Mr. A and I jog two to three times a week before going to work.

It was one fine Sunday morning when Mr. A and I decided to spend an hour at People’s Park. I chose to wear this outfit to Vaseline’s #IAMDavaoCityReady campaign featuring their newest product – VASELINE HEALTHY WHITE SUN + POLLUTION PROTECTION LOTION - (Read the full blog post about that HERE). 

I bought this pair of pants a few months ago and for me, they belong to my personal list of comfiest bottoms that I own. The material, though it looks quite heavy from the third person’s perspective, is surprisingly very light and comfy to wear.

Since the pants are undeniably a bit long for my stature (I’m not actually short, just well… vertically challenged? Ha ha!), I opted to wear this platform shoes that I bought last year from ENZO SHOPPE BY SHERYL CHAN (Shopee Account). I’m not used to wearing platform shoes but just like the pants, this pair was surprisingly comfy to wear as well.

Beautiful earrings from RUSSET ACCESSORIES
Of course, to add PZASSSS to the outfit are these beautiful accessories – this blue mirrored shades that I got from ILAHUI at Tagum City, this multicolored scarf that I used as a necklace and these cute blue dangling earrings from RUSSET ACCESSORIES.

WHAT I WORE: White Top, Bought Online | Pants, SHOP TM| Shoes, Enzo Shoppe by Sheryl Chan | Shades, ILAHUI | Scarf, Gift | Earrings, RUSSET ACCESSORIES | Bracelet, Gift

Can’t wait to go back to People’s Park again and hopefully, have a fun photoshoot like this one. Shoutout to my husband who does his best to give me good quality #OOTD photos. 

By the way , check out my QUICK OOTD LOOKBOOK VIDEO on my Youtube Channel

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